• WG6031-00 Wireless Connectivity Module


WG6031-00 is a 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi module based on Realtek’s RTL8189EM. WG6031-00 supports SPI (and SDIO if needed) interface. At the same time, it is a cost-effective 1T1R Wi-Fi module targeting the Internet of Things market. WG6031-00 is as well certified by FCC, CE, and TELEC.


  • WG6031P-00 Wireless Connectivity Module


WG6031P00 is an evaluation board that is designed by Jorjin Technologies Inc. supporting Pmod interface 2A (expanded SPI). Pmod interface is an open standard defined and specified by Digilent Inc..The purpose of the Pmod module is to let the users experience the seamless integration between Jorjin’s Wi-Fi connectivity module WG6031-00 and Renesas Synergy Platform.


  • WG1400-00 Wireless Connectivity Module


The Jorjin WG1400-00 is a low cost module that provides WLAN connectivity to microcontroller based solutions. It is based on the Texas Instruments CC3100 Simplelink SoC. The WG1400-00 is designed for use in home automation, home security, connected appliances, smart energy and M2M communication. The module connects to the host MCU via an SPI or UART interface and Jorjin can provide design files, driver software and antennas to provide a complete MCU WiFi solution.