LED & Solid State Lighting

XFM-5050 UVC LED-a single device that delivers an impressive 250mWat 275 nm

With the industry rapidly transitioning from mercury lamps to LEDs and new applications emerging that require higher power from smaller LEDs, XFM-5050 can deliver more than 400 mW at maximum drive current from a 5×5 mm package. At this new level of power, price, and reliability, even the most challenging applications such as municipal/industrial water purification are within reach.

Effective UVC applications require the right combination of wavelength, intensity, and reliability and the market demands all three at a cost that enables LED adoption. Lowering the cost an additional 20% and increasing output comes just in time to support the rising demand for UVC LED solutions.”

  • Ultra-high power UVC LED: > 250 mW output power at 275-285 nm
  • Designed to maximize performance in high flow reactors
  • High reliability 5050 package
  • Wide veiwing angle of 130 °
  • Standard SMT Process
  • RoHS and REACH compliant

XFM-5050-UVC-3 chip XFM-5050-UV-4 chip XFM-5050-UV-2 chip Luminus releases XFM-5050 UVC LEDs