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World’s first OLED displays with pins for fast mounting

Complete range of OLED displays with pins for easy plug-in mounting. For quick and easy mounting ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY offers the world’s first OLED display family with connector pins in 2.54mm pitch.  The high-contrast OLED displays also feature an extremely flat design, robust construction, and a long service life.

These displays can be soldered directly or plugged into socket strips. Therefore, cumbersome gluing procedures or the need for designing a special mounting device belong to the past, as well as error-prone cable connections.

Since the individual OLED pixels themselves light up, these displays do not require any additional backlighting such as LCDs. As a result, OLED displays feature a very flat design (typically 2.4mm), wide viewing angles (up to 170°), high contrasts (2,000:1), fast response times (typically 10µs) and a high overall brightness (100cd/m2).


  • 102X64 Dots (Relates to 8×17 character or 4×12 large character)
  • High contrast OLED Display
  • Integrated Controller
  • SPI Interface: MOSI, CLK, CS, D/C
  • I²C Interface: SDA, SCL
  • Wide Temperature range (TOP -40°C – +80°C)
  • No Mounting required: Just put into PCB
  • 3 Versions  (With / W.O. Polarisor and protection glass) In various colors)
  • Fast response time, no afterglow