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Wireless Power Modules

Deliver More with Less: Up to 15W of Connector Free Power


Silvertel’s Ag300 modules are a new easy to implement set of modules for wireless power transfer. Ag300 modules allow simple, fast design of higher power 15W or Qi compatible 5W Wireless Charging products, typically used in portable devices.
The solution delivers all the benefits of wireless power, including improved safety and reliability, with no cables or exposed contacts, in two complementary and easy to integrate module sets. Full safety and control features are built in to both the Receive and Transmit modules respectively. The modules provide a low profile, small footprint, highly optimised solution perfect for any number of applications. The module is designed for simple integration, requiring the addition of just a compatible coil.

  • 5 and 15 Watts Wireless Power Transfer module sets
  • Small and compact, low profile modules
  • Qi compatibility of Transmit & Receive power modules
  • Automatic receiver identification
  • Safety features: Overload, short-circuit protection and foreign object detection
  • Low standby power consumption
  • No external components required

Ag300 wireless power selector guide Ag301 Ag320R Ag320T