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USB Charger for Railway Applications

Charging of mobile phones and tablet computers in trains is a growing need. intreXis developed a new, tiny USB Charger (5 VDC / 2.1 A) which is ideally suited to be installed in passenger seats or table profiles. With its input voltage range from 8 to 26.4 VDC the Charger can be powered from a 12 VDC or 24 VDC source, as an example from the intreXis 50 W Converter IC271 (up to 4 chargers in parallel). Due to the innovative device detection circuit the Charger identifies the connected device and automatically provides the optimal charging current. The benefit is that you can charge devices by Samsung, Apple, etc. at full-current achieving fast charge, using the same Charger. In case of vandalism the USB Charger can be replaced easily and cost-effectively as a single ele

IntreXis – power supplies with the X

  • Xtra high efficiency
  • Xtra wide input voltage range
  • Xtra wide temperature range
  • Xtra small and light
  • Xtra robust and reliable

IC27X IC271