Display & Touch

Ultra-thin, razor-sharp and lightning-fast display

The EA OLEDS102-6LGA display family, is a product that combines the advantages of OLED technology with a particularly small form factor. The module offers the typical OLED high contrast ratio of 2000:1 and an extremely fast response time of only 10 microseconds – without any afterglow. In addition, the displays are conveniently easy to install. It can be plugged directly into a socket or soldered onto the circuit board. Fault-prone cable connections or complex soldering procedures belong to the past.  Due to its construction no screws, glue or other assembly constructions are necessary.

  • 02X64 Dots (Relates to 8×17 Character or 4×12 Large Character)
  • High contrast OLED Display
  • Integrated Controller  SSD1306B
  • SPI Interface: MOSI, CLK, CS, D/C
  • I²C Interface: SDA, SCL
  • Wide Temperature ragnge  (Top -40°C – +80°C)
  • No mounting required: Just put into PCB
  • 3 versions (With / Without Polarisor and protection glass) In various colors)
  • Fast response time, no afterglow