Wireless & Networking

Ultra-Low Power Multi-GNSS Module

AirPrime® XS1110 build devices that use up to 50% less battery power while providing uncompromised positioning.
The XS1110 supports tracking of GPS+Glonass, GPS+BeiDou, or GPS+Galileo satellite system combinations to deliver superior positioning accuracy within <1.5m, consuming up to 50% less power than standard GNSS modules.

Unlike other compact GNSS modules, the XS1110 incorporates a complete set of high-quality components, including an additional LNA and SAW filter, TCXO, and embedded flash, for optimum positioning performance.

The XS1110 also supports performance enhancing features such as SBAS (GPS+Glonass), A-GPS (ephemeris file injection), and PPS Sync.