Display & Touch

Touch Works with gloves & water spillage

Our TFT modules are built for industrial and embedded environments and come with high sensitivity “FLETAS” touch panels. All circuits necessary for driving the touch panel are included on the module. You can choose from various modules according to your application.

  • Gloves compatible
  • Wet compatible
  • Easy simple Display Control
  • Reduce the Load of the Host
  • Gloved Touch is Possible
  • Wet Touch Possible

GT Series – Touch Demo

Touch Panel TFT Modules:

  • Command Control : GT-CP
    A powerful command set allows a small controller to manipulate the display.
    Serial connection is supported and the load on the host is small.
  • Digital Video Signal Input : GT-1P
    One HDMI input and USB device connector.
    Connect to PC and SBC.
    This can immediately be used as a touch monitor.
  • OS installed : GT-EP
    This is a built-in touch monitor that can operate as a host controller.
    It has its own built-in “iDevOS”.
    The dedicated programming language allows for image display, touch control and peripheral device control and communication.

GT-CP (new) Command Control GT-CP