LED & Solid State Lighting

The World’s First True Digital LED – SeddLED

DOMINANT, one of the Top 5 Automotive LED suppliers in the world is now offering a new package family called seddLED (Smart Embedded Digital Driver LED), the world’s first true digital LED which combines RGB LED, LED Driver and advanced communication link integrated into a single package.

seddLED3.0, consists of numerous outstanding key features including the use of full digital control RGB color and brightness by software command and is pre-calibrated to D65 white point with an accuracy within 3 SDCM steps at 1,400mcd. Besides, it is incorporated with fast communication, half-duplex 2Mbit/s differential control bus, fast update rate of 52.5µs per LED (5.25ms for 100 LEDs). At the same time, it promotes simplicity on the RGB module design with no additional micro-controller and communication device and is cost efficient to production logistics and integration (no binning and calibrations are required).

Product Features:

  • First True Digital RGB LED
  • LED, LED Driver and advanced communication link integrated
  • Pre-calibrated to 3 SDCM steps D65 White
  • Zero Flux binning
  • Self-diagnostic function
  • Auto temperature compensation
  • Manufacturing friendly
  • Supported by Full Design Eco System


  • Automotive Ambient Lighting
  • Automotive Backlight Display