LED & Solid State Lighting

The new range of Dot Free LED Strips

The new range of Dot Free LED Strips guarantees a high yield and long life for all indoor and outdoor applications using light to create scenes with a high decorative impact.


Available in different thicknesses, with 2 different emission types, they are designed to blend in perfectly with architectural features and green spaces, offering a uniform light, without dark or bright spots.


Dot Free LED strip types:


O-Type SIDE-EMITTING: Extremely flat profile, perfect for recessed installation.


P-type TOP EMITTING: 150° beam angle. Foursquare structure surface, dot-free illumination.


  • Applications INdoor / OUTdoor
  • IP65/67 Waterproof
  • Dual color of silicone
  • UV resistant
  • Hollow air layer for good heat dissipation


Strip DOT FREE O-Type Strip DOT FREE P-Type