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System-on-Chip for long distance video distribution

The VS3000 is a highly integrated SoC with the highest performing long distance video distribution solution in the AV market. It converges uncompressed HDMI2.0 4K60 4:4:4, audio, 1Gbps Ethernet, USB2.0, controls and power, with zero latency over a standard CAT6a cable for up to 100m/328ft.

The VS3000 incorporates advanced features that bring more benefits to manufactures, integrators and ultimately to end users. Integrated features include: HDBaseT port duality (RX/TX), HDMI local loop, HDCP, switching core, advanced audio functionalities, cloud connectivity and much more.


  • Convergence of several native interfaces over the same HDBaseT link, including:
    – Uncompressed HDMI 2.0 streams using 4K@60 4:4:4, 8-bit resolution over an HDBaseT link, with 16Gbps downstream and 2Gbps upstream
    – Audio I2S-4 and S/PDIF
    – 1Gbps Ethernet
    – USB 2.0
    – Control & data formats, including integrated
  • I2C, RS-232 and CIR
    – Power over HDBaseT
  • HDBaseT Port Duality, enabling a single hardware design to support both TX and RX (configured through hardware or software)
  • Highly integrated chipset
    – Concurrent “HDMI in” and “HDMI out” native interfaces
    – Audio Extract and Insert functionality on “HDMI in” and “HDMI out”
    – Processing of HDCP 1.4, HDCP 2.2 and HDCP2.3
  • Full backward compatibility with existing Valens’ chipsets (VS1xx and VS2xxx)

Product Brief