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Super Flat – light – universal 50 W DC/DC Converter for railway applications

flat – light – universal?

Would you like to mount the DC-DC Converter directly behind a display and operate it worldwide independent of the input voltage in trains with different board net voltages? Whatever your requirement is, the new 50 W DC-DC Converter of the intreXis Boardnet Converter Platform provides you more! Based on the latest intreXis Converter topology and many innovative details you can mount this Converter with less than 21 mm height without heatsink.

  • Xtra high efficiency: 92.9 % (IC273 @ 66 % load)
  • Xtra wide input voltage range: 14.4 – 154 VDC
  • Xtra wide temperature range: -50 – +85 °C
  • Xtra flat (21 mm) and light (98 g)
  • Xtra robust and reliable

50W DC/DC Converter IC27X_50W