Wireless & Networking

Smart Home Chip provides 802.11 a/b/g/n (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz), 802.11j, dual-mode Bluetooth 5 and 802.15.4 (capable of running Thread or ZigBee)

Housed in a small 8.8 x 8 mm BGA package, the RS9116N-DBT is powered by an ARM Cortex M4 MCU, and boasts advanced hardware security, and multiple wireless protocols at very low power consumption. It has protocol stacks for Wi-Fi, BT, BLE, ZigBee and Thread, and includes automated mesh formation and reconfiguration. The wireless wake-up receiver remains on at a few microamps of current and wakes up the rest of the device when required.

The RS9116N-DBT consumes less than 113 uA for maintaining cloud connection over Wi-Fi. The SoC provides simultaneous operation of multiple wireless protocols – enabling router functionality in addition to that of an end node. In addition, the device has the ability to stream data at up to 100 Mbps and is compatible with all generations of Wi-Fi – up to Wi-Fi 6. The RS9116N-DBT is also able to provide a number of power-efficient and hardware-assisted machine learning functions.

  • Co-existence of multiple wireless protocols managed by an internal protocol arbitration manager
  • Ultra-low power consumption with multiple power modes to reduce the system energy consumption
  • Multiple levels of security including FIPS 140-2 and PUF (Physically Unclonable Function) to create a highly secure system
  • Fully integrated and wireless certified modules with multiple sizes as small as 4.63 mm x 7.90 mm
  • Multiple software architectures (hosted and embedded) and host interfaces (SDIO, USB, SPI, UART) for easy integration with different processor families and operating systems
  • Footprint compatible single band and dual band modules as well as hosted and embedded modules for easy migration within the product family
  • Leading edge RF performance providing long range and higher throughputs

RS9116 Connectivity Product Brief