Power & EMC

Selecting the right type of power supply of mobile applications

When developing new battery-operated devices, the decision regarding the type of power supply required is often left too late or given too little attention. This is particularly the case today when so many mobile gadgets – or wearables – are in development. Renata helps you with a checklist of questions which should be asked and resolved at an early stage of device development.

8 points checklist:

  • What are the required Voltage ranges?
  • What kind of current does the applications use?
  • What temperature range can be expected in operation?
  • What is the minimum requirement in terms of the service life for the application?
  • How long will the application be in storage before being put into operation? What are the storage conditions?
  • What are the desired dimensions for the battery?
  • How should the battery be contacted in the application?
  • What kind of mechanical forces is the application subjected to?


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