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Round LCD Display, 128×128 with PCB

RX128128A2 is an extension model of RX128128A (one of our best-selling COG LCDs). The PCB with four screw holes allows for easy mounting and quick assembly. All peripheral circuits are designed on the PCB making the module simpler and more user-friendly. Circuit design on customer’s end is reduced as the module works by simply entering the signal of module. Three different types of input port on PCB (i.e. port of Pitch 2.54, connector of Pitch 1.0, and Pitch 0.5) are reserved for customers to have more choices for input interface. Circular LCD screen is a trending item in the market, and is suitable for equipment that requires round displays such as industrial gauges.

  • Number of dots: 128×128
  • Module dimension: 60.0×62.79×8.6 mm
  • View area: 42.0×42.0 mm
  • Active area: 44.0×44.0 mm
  • Dot size: 0.308×0.308 mm
  • Dot pitch: 0.310 x 0.310 mm
  • LCD type: FSTN Positive Transflective
  • Duty: 1/136 Duty, 1/12 Bias
  • View direction: 6 o’clock
  • Backlight Type: LED White