Embedded Computing

Revolutionary Patient Communication Board Enabled Digital Paper Technology

The EPD-42T helps to connect patients and hospitals by providing patients with accurate and real-time information, including treatment reminders, pain management, meals and allergy alert, and medical team contacts, providing greater peace of mind. The patients can also use it to send feedback and complete surveys. The hospital will benefit from increased nurse productivity, reduced errors and operation costs, and achieve higher patient satisfaction.

Featuring the benefits of digital paper, the EPD-42T’s display is sunlight readable and has a wide viewing angle. It does not cause light pollution as it does not require a backlight. Lightweight and reliable, it is also energy-efficient and can retain an image even without power.

  • Built-in touch screen
  • Very low power consumpsion
  • High performance i.MX7Dual processor
  • No power needed to maintain display image

Digital Paper in Smart Hospitals: Upgrading the Patient Experience