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Resistive Multi-touch Controller

Last year, AMT Touch introduced the PenMount Resistive Multi-touch (RMT) touch product. This is another PenMount controller breakthrough, a touch panel that is not affected by water or noise yet can support two-point or multi-point operation. Recently, a new firmware V1.1 has been released for the PenMount PM6601 RMT touch controller. Its main improvements are as follows: Additional support for different types of RMT touch panels and improved RMT touch panel calibration procedure

The PenMount PM6601 control board is a high specification (Resistive Multiple Touch) touch panel controller. The PenMount PM6601 provides four types of interfaces, USB, I²C, UART, RS232 and supports touch panels sizes up to 12.1″. The PenMount PM6601 also supports a wide range of operating systems such as Windows and Linux.