Display & Touch

Replacement of 128×64 by TFT color display

Our TFT color displays with 2.0″ and 2.8″ are the further development of the widespread black&white graphic displays: simply connected via SPI interface and therefore suitable for all μC. Alternatively, these small TFTs can also be connected via the classic RGB interface or an 8- or 16-bit data bus.

With its 2″ diagonal, the EA TFT020-23AI is indeed a tiny, but the fine resolution of 240×320 pixels conjures up brilliant images at crispy 1000cd/m². The IPS technology provides a gigantic all-round viewing angle with sunlight readability.

Both displays are available without and with touch panel (including controller for I²C bus).

Part number  Size  Dimension  Touch
EA TFT020-23AINN 2,0″  36x52mm  –
EA TFT020-23AITC  43x65mm PCAP
EA TFT028-23AINN 2,8″ 48x68mm   –
EA TFT028-23AITC  58x84mm PCAP


TFT020-23A TFT028-23AI