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Recap of new current lighting diode, JFETs, SiC diodes and low profile schottky rectifier bridges

  • 50V Adjustable Cur rent Limit ing Diode: CMJA5050
    Single dev ice eliminates the need for additional current regulation
  • JFETs for various applicat ions, including Pro Audio
    Central is committed to maintaining these hard-to-find dev ices
  • Silicon Carbide Schottk y Rect ifier die: CPC04-CPC15
    Optimized for exceptionally high temperature applications
  • Extremely low profile Schottky Bridge Rectifiers
    CBRDFSH series features 1.22mm BR DFN surface mount case
  • Placing resistors in parallel allows regulator current to be adjusted from 50mA to 80mA
  • One device eliminates the need for several individual CLDs to meet required regulation values • Low profile DFN123F package (1.0mm) makes CMJA5050 ideal for small applications
  • Designed for applications requiring a controlled current, but not a biasing current
  • Exceptionally beneficial for high quality analog signal transmitting applications
  • In stock now for immediate delivery, minimal leadtimes if not in stock
  • Bare die allows for theoretical operation at junction temperatures greater than 600°C
  • Low total conduction losses and minimal changes to switching characteristics as a function of temperature
  • High voltage capability (650V, 1200V) and wide current range (2A, 4A, 5A, 6A, 8A, 10A, 30A, 50A)
  • Multiple voltage and current options to satisfy design challenges (40V, 60V, 100V | 1A & 2A)• BR DFN case has a 54% lower profile than Central’s HD DIP case
  • Ideal for the latest applications requiring highly efficient, space-saving Schottky bridge rectifiers

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