Power & EMC

Programmable Outdoor LED Drivers with Dali

This EUD-BT/BV family contains several DALI-certified, constant-current, programmable outdoor LED drivers that operate from 90-305 Vac input with excellent power factor. The new series is expanding the product line to include 75W, 320W and 600W models.

SKU: 11102
  • DALI/3 Timer Modes
  • Dim-to-Off with Standby power < 0.5W
  • Input surge protection: 6kV DM, 10kV CM
  • Auxiliary Power: 12V/200mA
  • Output Lumen Compensation
  • All-around protection: OVP, SCP, OTP
  • Type HL, for use in a Class I, Division 2 hazardous (Classified) location.
  • Waterproof (IP67)
  • SELV Models
  • BT: UL certified for North American Use
  • BV: VDE certified for European Use

EUD-075SxxxBT Datasheet EUD-075SxxxBV Datasheet EUD-320SxxxBT Datasheet


EUD-320SxxxBV Datasheet EUD-600SxxxBT Datasheet EUD-600SxxxBV Datasheet