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Pre-Compliance EMC Testing/Filter Certification

Failing EMC testing poses a substantial threat to project deadlines and budget – something no company wants to go through. Astrodyne TDI offers two different testing capabilities: pre-compliance testing and UL/IEC Certification services. We offer an extensive range of UL, cUL and IEC approved standard filters for Power Entry (IEC Inlet), DC (up to 1200Vdc), single phase (up to 300Vac), and 3 phase (up to 600Vac) applications that directly cross most competing EMI filter products in the market. Current ratings up to 2500A are available for many applications.

  • NO CHARGE pre-compliance conducted emissions testing & EMI Filter solution service
  • Help OEMs meet challenging emissions requirements
  • Significantly reduced risk of failure during the final certification process
  • Highly experienced team of EMI engineers
  • A practical EMI filter solution for ease of  assembly
  • Optimized solution for cost effectiveness and a good 6-8 dB margin
  • Support with most major Conducted Emissions standards:
    – Military (MIL-STD-461)
    – Aerospace (RTCA/DO-160
    – Medical (IEC60601)
    – Appliance (EN55014)
    – Commercial (FCC, CISPR/EN)

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