LED & Solid State Lighting

Power supply for industrial CCTV camera industry

The CUV-090S36SP will help your security camera deliver the highest-quality video in varying lighting conditions and challenging environmental settings. It is a 90W, constant-voltage power supply that operates from 90-305 Vac input with excellent power factor and harmonic. It is created for outdoor telecommunication and security equipment requiring industry safety compliance. The high efficiency of the power supply and compact metal case enables them to run cooler, significantly improving reliability and extending product life. To ensure trouble-free operation, protection is provided against input surge, over current, output over voltage, over temperature, and short circuit.

  • High Efficiency up to 92%
  • Excellent Thermal Performance up to 65°C ambient Temperature
  • No Load Power Consumption ≤ 0.15W
  • Comply with DOE & CEC Level VI and ErP Lot 7
  • Input Surge Protection: 10kV line-line, 10kV line-earth
  • All-Around Protection: OCP, OVP, OTP, SCP
  • Class I Power Supply
  • Comply with Limited Power Source(LPS)
  • Withstand 10G Vibration Test
  • Operating Altitude up

CUV-090S036SP Datasheet