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Optimize your PCB for EMI and EMC testing

Every printed circuit board (PCB) should be able to operate without disruption due to interference from other devices and without causing interference. To accomplish this, PCBs need to have strong electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) built-in from the ground up. EMC is what keeps our devices from constantly interfering with each other. The high amount of wireless devices in use today — phones, radios, computers, remotes — are all becoming more complex and more interconnected. In the past, when such devices were less common, and interference was low, a car radio could be enough to disrupt a TV set. Now, EMC is more of an area of focus, and every PCB is expected to use these design practices to minimize unwanted emissions. With proper design, you can pass EMC compliance testing the first time.
This design concept is much easier to implement from the start. Often, designers leave EMC untouched until the testing phase. Adding EMC in after the board has already been developed can cost significant time and money.

Astrodyne TDI offers a variety of EMI filters and power supplies to help you reach your PCB design goals. If you have any questions about how you can use these products to optimize your PCB for EMI and EMC testing contact us today.

Common EMC Design Failures:

  • Noisy cables
  • ESD problems
  • Noisy LCD sreens
  • Bad power adapter integration

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