Embedded Computing

Optimize support for Real-Time Linux

Congatec teams up with OSADL, Open Source Automation Development Lab eG, to optimize the board support for Real-Time Linux and showcase it in the OSADL test racks. In a first step, OSADL qualified congatec’s latest real-time Linux implementation that uses Linux kernel 4.9.47-rt37 on conga-TS170 Server-on-Modules equipped with the embedded server-class Intel® Xeon® processor (E3-1578L v5 @ 2.00 GHz). The COM Express Type 6 module mounted on the evaluation carrier board conga-TEVAL performed well in the tests, impressing in particular through one of the best-in-class real-time capabilities.

The challenge when implementing hard real-time Linux behavior lies in mastering all processing layers from BIOS to Linux kernel to user space, since the overall real-time capabilities are only as good as the weakest link in the chain. In addition, modern processors such as Intel’s Skylake family offer a wide range of energy saving features that must be balanced to the requirements of real-time computing. Executed in standardized racks, the OSADL quality assurance testifies that conga-TS170 Server-on-Modules are perfect for any real-time application.

Conga-TS170 features:

  • 6th Generation Intel® Core™ processor
  • Intel® Gen9 HD Graphics with HEVC (H.265) support
  • ECC memory support for Xeon and i3 version
  • p to 32GByte dual channel DDR4 memory
  • XEON processors for data center applications

conga-TS170 Datasheet