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New ultra-miniature SM Stratum 3 TCXOs

The GTXO-73 and GTXO-C73 families provide Stratum 3 performance in a miniature 7050 surface mount package. These (VC)TCXOs feature a miniature 7.0 x 5.0 x 2.1mm package and are Stratum 3 compliant providing inclusive stability of ±4.6ppm over 20 years meaning you no longer need to sacrifice space for stability.

There are two temperature stability testing options of ±0.14ppm over -20 to +70°C, and ±0.28ppm over -40 to +85°C available for both of these products. Both the GTXO-73T and the GTXO-73V are available with supply voltage of either 3.3V or 5.0V, require supply current of 3.5mA, and have fast warm up time of 2.0ms maximum. The GTXO-73V with voltage control has a pulling range of ±5.0ppm over control voltage range of 0.5V ~ 2.5V.


  • Stratum 3 VCTCXO
  • Overall ±4.6ppm including 20 years aging
  • Miniature 7050 package
  • 3.3 & 5V with CMOS Output
  • Voltage Control