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New TVS Components Aid with Circuit Protection in AC and DC Applications

New family of high-powered transient voltage suppressor components for circuit protection in DC, AC and remote transmission line applications. The family of TVS components consists of eight devices with varying ranges of volts. These TVS components are high-current capable and offer a good clamping voltage. Other features include a glass passivated junction and a bidirectional configuration. In addition, the TVS components provide a low slope resistance and a repetition rate (duty cycle) of 0.01 percent. They offer very low capacitance of 5 pf.


  • High Current Capability
  • Excellent Clamping Voltage
  • Glass Passivated Junction
  • Bidirectional Configuration
  • Low Slope Resistance
  • Repetition Rate (Duty Cycle): 0.01%
  • Hazardous Substance Free
  • RoHS Complaint (Exemption #7)

PHCR series datasheet