Power & EMC

New lithium thin-film battery

The ultra-thin 3V battery is ideal for the use in flatter electronic devices since the thickness of 0.42 mm is much less than those of conventional primary lithium batteries. The CP042350 is flexible and has successfully passed a 1000 times bending test with a bending radius of 25 mm. With a capacity of 28 mAh and an average weight of 0.86 g, this next-generation battery can be used in a wide range of industrial, medical and consumer devices.


  • Ultra-thin and small in size (50×23 mm)
  • Flexible and bendable
  • Higher energy density than comparable products on the market
  • Customized sizes up to 70×70 mm available
  • Swiss made production

CP042350 Datasheet CP042350 Flyer