LED & Solid State Lighting

New human centric lighting options help customers navigate the next phase of LED lighting

Enabling LED industry transformation for over 15 years, Bridgelux today reinforced its focus and commitment to the lighting market with the commercial availability of Thrive™ surface mount device (SMD) 2835 and V Series™ chip-on-board (COB) parts. Thrive white point options are designed to closely match the spectra of natural light by reducing blue spikes and cyan valleys, and providing full spectrum, human centric LED lighting solutions.
Thrive SMD 2835 1W 9V and V10C are now available for ordering. Additional SMD 2835 and V Series form factors will be available in late Q4 and early Q1 2020.

  • Spectrum designed to closely match natural light with reduced blue intensity
  • High efficacy human centric spectra (up to 132 lm/W)
  • Affordable solution optimized for human well being
  • Natural and vivid color rendering
  • Broad product platform availability on SMDs and COBs with 2700K-6500K color point options

THRIVE Datasheet

Thrive Product Brief