LED & Solid State Lighting

New Horticulture COB LEDs

Luminus has released its Horticulture COBs with spectrums targeted for cannabis production. The new devices are available with 14mm and 22mm light emitting surfaces (LES) and provide best in class PPF and PPF/W performance. With operating power from 25W to 125W, the PPF range extends from 45µmol/s to over 150µmol/s with the larger 22mm LES.
The new COBs are available with two spectra options; the first is a phosphor-converted Deep Red spectrum with 1:1 Blue to Deep Red intensity ratio and the second has a 1:2 Blue to Deep Red intensity ratio. Though the color of the COBs is often referred to as “purple”, it has two peaks, one at 450nm and one at 640nm.

  • Optimized spectrum for maximum Photosynthetic Photon Flux (PPF)
  • Cost-effective HPS lamp replacement
  • Industry-leading PPF/W leveraging Luminus Generation 3 COB series for Illumination
  • 10,000 hours L90B50 at Tc=105ºC and maximum drive current operation
  • Available in 14mm and 22mm Light Emitting Surface (LES) with input power from 25W to 100W
  • Excellent optical emission uniformity and color over angle consistency
  • Exceptional long term color stability
  • Package thermal conductivity better than the industry average
  • Environmentally friendly: RoHS and REACH compliant
  • UL Recognized, File # E465703

COB Horticulture Gen1 – CMX-14/22/CXM-22