LED & Solid State Lighting

Long-Life Drivers with 10-year warranty

Inventronics EUD-DTL and DVL series of long-life drivers have a revolutionary design backed by a 10-year warranty. They provide the ultimate flexibility with Controls-Ready, programmable drivers specifically designed for those applications demanding extremely long operational lifetimes. To achieve this target, changes were made to capacitors, PCB material, derating guidelines and magnetics. The EUD-DTL and DVL series are robust and reliable that offer a higher level of built-in surge protection, integrated thermal regulation, output lumen compensation and thermal sensing protection for LED modules. To learn more about these drivers and their innovative design, you can download the white paper.


  • Innovative Design with No Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Ultra Long Lifetime: Greater than 100,000 hrs at 85°C Case Temperature
  • Full Power at Wide Output Current Range (Constant Power)
  • Thermal Sensing and Protection for LED Module
  • 0-10V/PWM/Timer Dimmable (3 Timer Modes )
  • Dim-to-Off with Standby Power ≤ 0.5 W
  • Always-on Auxiliary Power: 12Vdc, 200mA
  • Output Lumen Compensation
  • Input Surge Protection: 6kV line-line, 10kV line-earth
  • All-Around Protection: OVP, SCP, OTP
  • Waterproof (IP67)
  • SELV Output
  • Suitable for Independent Use
  • 10 Years Warranty

White paper