Embedded Computing

Layerscape-based platforms for robust and industrial applications of high-speed data communication

The heart of the mainboard is the LGA module TQMLS1012AL. This mini module uses the LS1012A with a single Cortex A53 CPU. In addition to DDR3L RAM with up to 1 GB, customers have up to 256 MB of highly reliable QSPI NOR flash available. With a module size of only 31 x 31 mm and a power dissipation of 1 to 2 W, the module promises a wide range of applications.
The MBLS1012AL is equipped on 160 x 100 mm with numerous high-speed interfaces. This future-proof motherboard solution can be used not only as a starter kit but also as a platform suitable for series production.
In addition to five gigabit Ethernet interfaces, the user has one M2.SATA for connecting an SSD and two USB 3.0 interfaces at his disposal. In addition, the platform with two Mini PCle slots (one with SIM card) offers the possibility of expanding wireless solutions such as LoRaWan, Sigfox, WiFi or mobile communications.
The combination of fast and secure data communication and low power dissipation makes this platform the ideal basis for a wide variety of applications such as high-speed networking, small edge servers, Ethernet gateways and industrial routers.

  • Combines the ARM core Architecture with the QorlQ high speed communication technology
  • Have a very good ratio between computing power and energy efficiency
  • This architecture connects the world of networking, IoT and Industry 4.0
  • Universal applicable depending on the demand of the customer (from standard up to high end networking)


Layerscape CPU’s