LED & Solid State Lighting

IP66 & IP67 LED Drivers with 440Vac Protection for up to 48 Hours

New EAM LED driver series that leverages the latest next generation platform design with special features specifically for markets who face challenging power regulation. The expansion provides models supplying up to 75W of power in addition to the already existing models supplying up to 150W of power. The EAM-075SxxxSB/SG series offers industry-leading surge protection and is IP66/IP67 rated for rugged applications. The series also offers design flexibility with an adjustable output current to reduce SKUs and is ultra-compact to fit inside a multitude of luminaires. The EAM-075SxxxSB/SG series is built for long-term reliability and utilizes a robust thermal design for increased dependability.


  • Advanced Circuitry Design with Input Over Voltage Protection
    – Withstands 440Vac at a Maximum of 48 Hours
  • Adjustable Output Current (AOC) with Potentiometer
  • Constant Power at a Wide Range of Output Currents
  • Built-in Surge Protection:
    – 4kV DM, 6kV CM
  • IP66/IP67
  • EAM-075SxxxSB Models are BIS and CE Certified
  • EAM-075SxxxSG Models are CE and CB Certified
  • 5 Year Warranty