Wireless & Networking

InVehicle T310 Tracker

Featuring IP67 protection rating and low power consumption, the InVehicle T310 (also VT310) is capable of reliable operation in harsh environments even when the vehicle is powered off. Integrating LTE, GNSS, gyroscope and inertia sensor, equipped with powerful computing capabilities and a multitask system, the VT310 precisely locates vehicle positions in real time, records mileage, monitors hard braking, acceleration, collision and other accidents, maintains transport safety, records and analyzes driving behavior. Multiple I/O interfaces remotely monitor various vehicle peripherals such as alarms, sensors, switches, ignition status, controllers, etc. With standard vehicle protocols such as OBD-II, J1939 and J1708 supported, the VT310 tracks vehicle operation starts and delivers preventive maintenance.  Major fleet managers can rely on the VT310 to track and manage fleet vehicles and drivers with accuracy and efficiency.

  • Reliable Communications with Low Power Consumption
  • High Precision Location
  • Constant and Real-time Monitoring
  • Easy for Installation
  • Purpose Designed for Vehicles
  • Extensive Interfaces

InVT310 Vehicle Tracker