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Internal NB-IoT Antennas

The MCS6.A is a low profile LTE/Cellular SMD dielectric antenna covering the NB-IoT and CAT M1 Bands / 4G/3G/2G embedded antenna designed for direct SMD mount on a device PCB. It provides high efficiency in a very small form factor of just 42*10*3mm.

The patent-pending MFX3 is an NB-IoT Cat M1 wideband flexible antenna designed to provide the highest efficiency and covers all working frequencies in the 698-3000MHz spectrum, covering all Cellular, 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, ISM and Assisted GPS. The antenna is omnidirectional, delivered with a flexible body with excellent efficiencies on all bands, ground independent, with cable and connector for easy installation.

MCS6.A NB-IoT / CAT M1 Low Profile LTE/Cellular SMD Dielectric Antenna

  • SMD Dielectric Antenna
  • GSM / CDMA / DCS / PCS / WCDMA /
  • NB-IoT / CAT M1 Bands
  • 698~960MHz/1710~2690MHz
  • High Efficiency, Low profile
  • Dims: 42*10*3mm

MFX3.07 NB-IoT / CAT M1 Wideband Flexible Antenna

  • Ground Plane Independent
  • NB-IoT / Cat M1 Bands
  • 698-3000MHz Frequencies
  • 45% Efficiency on All Bands
  • 5dBi Peak Gain
  • Dims: 96 x 21 x 0.2 mm
  • Ø1.37mm Cable, IPEX MHFI (U.FL Compatible)

MCS6.A Datasheet MFX3 Datasheet