Embedded Computing

Industrial PICO-ITX

Compact and Complete, the Pico-ITX suites all purposes. Industry 4.0 is transforming infrastructure requirements. As a consequence, there is increasing demand for compact industrial computers, such as those based on the Pico-ITX form factor. The Pico-ITX can execute tasks reliably and also handle connectivity, from field use up to management level. Standardization enables high volumes across a wide range of applications while ensuring that devices offering industrial reliability remain affordable. The compact design with a footprint of only 70x102mm, plus the basic feature set, makes the Pico-ITX highly versatile.

  • Intel® 5th Gen. Atom™, Celeron® and Pentium® Processors
  • Compact design for size-sensitive devices in harsh environments
  • Low Power CPUs 6 to 12 Watt TDP
  • Enhanced Intel HD Graphics Generation 9
  • Long life components for 24/7 embedded use
  • Extended Temperature variants