Wireless & Networking

Industrial LTE Router

Series of IoT router that supports 3G/4G, Wi-Fi and VPN. It provides easy network access for field devices with 3G/4G wireless WAN and Wi-Fi wireless LAN support, helps to build device networks scaling from tens up to tens of thousands.  Featuring industrial-grade design, 4G/3G connectivity and intelligent software functions, the InRouter900 is a full-featured LTE router developed for mission critical IIoT applications.


  • InRouter900 – Industrial LTE M2M Router
    4G LTE/3G, Dual SIM, Wi-Fi, VPN, Python Programming
    Certified for Microsoft Azure IoT


  • InRouter901L – Embedded LTE CAT 1 Router
    Powerful Industrial LTE Router in a Compact Form Factor, Low Power
    Verizon Wireless Certified


  • InRouter611-S – Low-Cost Cellular M2M LTE Router 
    Compact, 1*ETH port, VPN, Wi-Fi
    Available with LTE CAT M1/CAT 1
    High-speed, cost-optimized for M2M/IoT, Easy LTE Migration


  • InRouter615-S – Industrial 3G/4G LTE Router
    5*ETH ports, VPN, Wi-Fi
    Available with LTE CAT M1/CAT 1
    Ideal for retail, commercial and light industrial M2M/IoT applications

InRouter900 InRouter611-S InRouter615-S InRouter901L