LED & Solid State Lighting

High power infrared (IR) LEDs nearly double the power density

The new IR-LEDs are, in addition to the single-chip-version, also available with dual-junction technology. This allows to nearly double the power density in the same footprint and to still keep the efficiency almost unchanged, which makes it easier in solutions where a higher radiant intensity and a more compact design is needed. The product line delivers a very high radiometric power of up to 1600 mW at 1A and 850nm and a radiant intensity of more than 1300 mW/sr.

As the diversity of IR-applications is steadily growing, this wide optical range offers the perfect solution for all requirements. The narrow viewing angle of 40° is perfectly suitable as a replacement for previously used through-hole LEDs and the broadest viewing angle of 130° can be used for flood illumination, for example in security applications.

For various application fields like automotive, sensing, biometric identification, consumer, machine vision, medical and security.

  • Industry standard 3535 SMD packages
  • Wavelength range: 730 to 940 nm
  • Single and dual junction technology
  • Six beam angle options from 40° to 130°
  • High radiometric output
  • Low thermal resistance package

Infrared LED