Embedded Computing

High-performance Power Architecture module with 10-Gb Ethernet connectivity

TQ introduced the TQMT2081 mini module. It combines a high-performance computing unit based on the T2081 processor from NXP with eight virtual cores and 10-Gb Ethernet interfaces into a very small footprint. With the TQMT2081, users have access to all the interfaces and signals of the processor. This enables the suitable and specific solution to be directly selected and implemented for each design. The solution may involve the efficient exchange of information over Ethernet or parallel data processing using the integrated AltiVec® vector processor.


  • Dual-threaded quad core with up to 1800 MHz for the best Performance/Watt ratio
  • Ultra high-speed communication via 6x Ethernet interfaces with up to 2x 10 GbE, up to 6x 1 GbE, up to 2x 2,5 GbE
  • Additional connectivity through 1x PCle up to 8,0 Gbit/s plus 3x PCIe up to 5,0 Gbit/s and 2x USB 2.0 high speed interfaces
  • Easy function extensions via PCle, eSPI, I²C and IFC (Local Bus)
  • IEEE 1588 time synchronization in hardware
  • Extremely compact module dimensions

TQMT2081 Datasheet