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H.264 Video Streaming SOC used with HD Wireless Applications

AverLogic’s AL582 is a multi-functional video streaming SOC. It includes video compression codec, SD card controller, WiFi controller, embedded DDR memory, embedded MCU, video processing engine, RGB DAC and TV encoder.
The AL582 features a stable, well-defined developer interface to help with timely, efficient development to get your product on the fast-track to market.


SKU: 12366
  • Embedded MCU80251 (OS not necessary), H.264 encoder/decoder
  • Data and Control Interfaces: SDIO for SD card, SPI for Wi-Fi/RF module, Low voltage detection for battery, UART, interrupt and GPIO for MCU user interface control.
  • H.264 720p codec, scaling, de-interlacing, format conversion, video freeze, zoom, flip, mirror, rotation, motion detection and more.
  • Inputs: RGB888, BT.1120, YCbCr, BT.656
  • Outputs: RGB888, BT.1120, YCbCr, BT.656, Analog RGB DAC, CVBS

AL361 – UHD 4K2K Dual-channel Video Processor