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Guide to select a perfect media Converter

Have you chosen the right media converter for your project? Fiber Media Converter is a simple but useful device that can be applied in multiple uses, such as factory automation, railway or metro station etc. It is mostly used to transmit between fiber and ethernet to extend the network or introduce fiber optic cabling to a copper based network. As the IIoT and M2M is becoming a trend, many new brands and products are coming into the market, so finding the best solution that suits your project is very important. The Four Key Points to Find the Perfect Industrial Fiber Media Converter for Your Project: Search for the proven reliability or industry certification; Consider the functions and the characters you need; Check for the diagnostic features; Work with a reliable partner.

  JetCon 1301 JetCon 1302 JetCon 2301S JetCon 2302 JetCon 3401G V2 JetCon 3701G
Ethernet 1 x 10/100 (RJ) 2 x 10/100 (RJ) 1 x 10/100 (RJ) 2 x 10/100 (RJ) 1 x 10/100/1000 (RJ) 1 x 10/100/1000 (RJ)
Fiber 1 x 100 FX/SC
2km (1301-m)
30km (1301-s)
1 x 100 FX/SC
2km (1302-m)
30km (1302-s)
1 x 100 FX/SC
2km (2301S-m)
30km (2301S-s)
2 x 100 FX/SC
2km (2302-m)
30km (2302-s)
100/1000 SFP 100/1000 SFP
DC Power Input 18-32V 18-32V 10-60V 10-60V 10-60V 10-60V
Power Budget           30W (802.3af/at)
Housing Protection IP31 IP31 IP31 IP31 IP31 IP31
Dimension (H/W/D) 70 x 30 x 80mm 89 x 30 x 111mm 99 x 30 x 120mm 99 x 55 x120mm 99 x 30 x120mm 99 x 30 x 120mm
Operating Temp. -10~70°C/-40~80°C (-w) -10~70°C/-40~70°C (-w) -25~70°C/-40~75°C (-w) -25~75°C/-40~75°C (-w) -40~75°C -40~75°C
Railway     EN50121-4 EN50121-3-2


Media converter selection guide