Display & Touch

GT-1P Touch Comparison – Air-Gap

Introducing an air gap into a design is often taken into consideration for keeping the display and protective overlay independent from each other as this will reduce manufacturing and maintenance costs of the end product. To assess the performance difference, we are showing testing the GT-1P module and a competitors’ module with the same display and touch interfaces. Watch video below.


  • FLETAS® Metallized Projective Capacitive Touch
  • PC / SBC Ready
  • High Brightness
    – A 1,000 cd/m2 TFT panel is used
    *Actual brightness is 850cd/m2
  • Stable Operation
    – Variable projection radius. Tested up to a 5mm acrylic overlay without a?ecting touch response under factory conditions.
  • Adaptable Sensitivity
    – No interference from gloves or liquid. Maintains a smooth HMI.
  • Multiple Touches
    – Handles up to 10 concurrent touches at a time.
  • Easily Cleaned
    – Glass surface is damage-resistant and tolerant to chemical cleaning solutions.
  • Touch Sensitivity Adjustment
    – By sending simple commands, touch sensitivity is easily adjusted.