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Full HD Video Conversion SOC

AL360 – A Dream Chip for HD Developers

AverLogic’s AL360 is a multi-functional video conversion SOC. It includes embedded DDR memory, embedded MCU, video processing engine, RGB DAC and TV encoder. The video processor supports video input with multiple video formats, video output with de-interlacing and scaling effects. The AverLogic’s proprietary scaling algorithm supports video scaled up and scaled down function, the resolution is up to 1920×1080 independently in horizontal & vertical directions. It also provides de-interlacing, mirror, flip and processes the interlaced video to be displayed on progressive panels or analog RGB DAC output. The 256-color OSD engine is used for displaying a colorful menu tree on screen.

  • Package: 12mm x12 mm 249-pin LFBGA
  • Memory: Embedded DDR
  • MCU:Embedded 80251
  • Voltage & Power Consumption: 12V,1.8V, 3.3V, 650MW
  • Video Input: RGB888 640×480 1080p, YC16/8 bit 640×480 1080p
  • Video Output: Analog RGB 640×480 1080p, RGB888 640×480 1080p, YC16/8 bit 640×480 1080p, CVBS NTSC 720×480 60i, CVBS PAL 720×576 50i
    OSD: 256 color BMP OSD