Power & EMC

Flexible 60W USB-C power supplies

New thin (92 x 77.3 x 25.4mm), flexible 60W USB-C power supplies provide up to 20V at 3A

SKU: 10059
  • AC Input 100 to 240v AC, at 2A 47-63 Hz
  • Wide range of output voltages, up to 20v at 3A
  • Able to power devices up to 60 watts
  • The thinnest C14 adapter available today, only 92 x 77.3 x 25.4mm
  • Includes ground wire for safety
  • High power output density of up to 6.01 W/in3
  • Meets DoE level 6 standard for energy efficiency
  • C14 and C6 AC socket versions available
  • Full thermal and electrical safety protection
  • Elegant, simple, compact design
  • There are five different output voltage (5v,9v,12v,15v,20v)