Embedded Computing

First “Quad” Core i3 Value Processor on COM Express

Whereas previous generations Intel® Core™ i3 processors supported only dual cores with 3MB cache, the Intel® Core™ i3-8100H is the first in its class to support 4 CPU cores with 6MB of cache. This major upgrade results in a more than 80% performance boost in MIPS (million instructions per second), and an almost doubling of memory/caching bandwidth, all at no significant cost increase compared to earlier generations.

Express-CF/CFE features:

  • PICMG COM.0 R3.0 Type 6 module with Hexacore i7/Xeon and Quadcore i3
  • Up to 48GB Dual Channel DDR4 at 2133/2400MHz
  • Three DDI channels, one LVDS (or 4 lanes eDP), supports up to 3 independent displays
  • One PCIe x16 Gen3, eight PCIe x1 Gen3 (NVMe SSD & Intel® Optane™ Memory Technology support)
  • GbE, four SATA 6 Gb/s, four USB 3.1 and four USB 2.0
  • Supports Smart Embedded Management Agent (SEMA) functions