Power & EMC

New single stage, low power, IP66/67 LED drivers from 26W-60W models

They provide the ultimate in design flexibility with dimming and non-dimming models and a small compact shape enabling them to fit inside a multitude of luminaires. The new EUC STM/DTM extensions are well suited for applications such as wall packs and architectural lighting. Their market leading input protection helps protect the LED driver and theluminaire, resulting in decreased maintenance costs.

SKU: 9103
  • Low THD, 10% Max up to 240 Vac
  • Compact Metal Case with Excellent Thermal Performance
  • Input Surge Protection: 4kV line-line, 6kV line-earth
  • Suitable for Built-in Use and Class I Luminaires
  • Input UVP and Input OVP
  • Waterproof(IP66)
  • Class 2 & SELV Output
  • TYPE HL, for Use in a Class I, Division 2 Hazardous (Classified) Location

Datasheet EUC-040SxxxDT Datasheet EUC-060SxxxDT Datasheet EUC-060SxxxST