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EMI/RF Considerations When Building an MRI Room or Installing an MRI Machine

The combination of strong magnetic fields and radio waves make MRI machines a source of extremely high level electromagnetic emissions. This makes EMI an important consideration when building an MRI room or installing an MRI machine.

Astrodyne TDI has been supplying MRI room EMI filter solutions for well over 10 years. Our 058 and 059 series MRI Room Filters are designed specifically for MRI room applications.

The 059 series power line filter are offered in 10A to 50A rating and in 1-line, 2-line and 3-line configurations for use in AC (single and 3-phase) and low voltage DC applications. These filters provide 100dB insertion loss from 5MHz to 10GHz which fully complies with the attenuation requirements of an MRI room.

The 058 series signal line filters provide 100dB from 14KHz to 10GHz for alarm and control line and different cut-off frequencies for voice and digital (data speed dependent) signals, as necessary. These come in 0.5A – 5A rating in 2-line (or single circuit) configuration.

Features 059:

(MRI Room and shielded enclosure filters)

  • Rated currents up to 50 A @ 60°C
  • High attenuation (100dB) from 5 MHz to 10 GHz
  • Sealed construction with removable shielded cover for input connections through knockouts
  • Threaded conduit pipe for output connections via flexible cable
  • User manual and full hardware kit for easy installation
  • Plated steel case

Features 058:

(tel-data-alarm line and control line filters)

  • Rated currents include 0.5 – 5 A @ 50°C
  • Available with screw option
  • High performance
  • Plated Steel Case
  • IP Class IP65
  • Designed for communication telephone line and control line

White paper – EMI/RF Considerations When Building an MRI Room or Installing an MRI Machine 058 Datasheet 059 Datasheet