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NetPower Expands Its EV On-board DC-DC Converters


NetPower has announced the release of two additional EV on-board DC-DC converters. CD1800-28BN converts 400-800V to 28V/30A/800W and CD11K5-14LL converts 65-120V to 14V/107A/1.5kW. Both are designed for battery charging applications.
The 800W CD1800-28BN is a conduction-cooled converter complementing its 3000W liquid cooled sibling CD13K0-28BN; and the 1500W CD11K5-14LL is a liquid-cooled converter for applications that the 3000W CD13K0-14LL is overkill.

Key features include CAN interface, bootloader via CAN bus, capable of parallel operation, IP67 enclosure, and a full set of protections. Key competitive advantages are small package sizes, light weight, and high reliability designs.

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