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E Ink JustWrite: A Sustainable Writing Experience

E Ink JustWrite enables writing surfaces in a variety of locations. This extremely low power display is all plastic, making it durable and lightweight, bendable and conformable, with the ability to be affixed and removed easily. JustWrite offers a natural writing experience and can be any length with a width maximum of 3′.

JustWrite™ film, which delivers a natural writing experience without the use of a TFT backplane. Exhibiting almost no latency in pen writing, this technology closely resembles writing on paper, natural surfaces or marker boards. The film can be produced via roll to roll manufacturing typical of E Ink’s electronic paper and requires only a writing stylus and simple electronics to enable functionality. The simplicity of this technology enables any surface, small to large, to be digital writing enabled.

The JustWrite film features one of E Ink’s proprietary electronic inks and offers similar benefits as E Ink’s other product lines: a paper-like experience with a good contrast and reflective display without a backlight. The JustWrite film is an all plastic display, making it extremely durable and lightweight, with the ability to be affixed and removed easily, enabling writing surfaces in a variety of locations.

JustWrite Module Thickness

Justwirte FPL結構橫截面Justwirte FPL Structure Cross-section

Layer thickness

Layer Thickness Unit
FPS 100 μm
Justwrite FPL Layer 300 μm
BPS 50 μm
Total Thickness (Without Masking film) 450 μm


Optical characteristics

Properties Specification Unit Test Description (*) Test Method
White State (25°C) 63 L * T = 25°C, N = 10;TPL = 240ms;TRLP = 3sec;RLM = 3sec V = 30 E Ink 915- 1257
White Contrast Ratio 10 Black background and White font
Clear/Erase Time 1 Second
Driving Voltage 30 V
Image Stability, White State (25°C) 3 ΔL* T = 25°C N = 10;TPL = 240ms;TRLP = 3sec;TRLM1= 0sec TRLM2 = 120sec
Image Stability, Dark State (25°C) 3
Segment/ Switching defect All segments must switch completely between Black and White states

8.7″/10.5″/13.9″JustWrite Module

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