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E Ink Digital Paper Device for Smart Hospital/Healthcare

The Patient Room Door Sign can connect wirelessly to a hospital or facility’s EHR / EMR system so updates can be pushed in real-time. It can be custom configured to show patient alerts such as visitor restrictions, allergies or medical precautions so clinicians and visitors are aware before entering the room. Clinicians can easily confirm patient care team information.
Signs made with E Ink Digital Paper instead of typical TV screen LCD technology. Unlike LCD, screens made with digital paper do not emit light, allowing patients to have uninterrupted sleep.

Typical examples:

  • Patient Room Door Sign
  • Patient Care Sign
  • Patient Communication Board
  • Digital Notepad

Benefits of E Ink’s Digital Paper display solutions:

  • Low power consumption – can be powered by batteries/PoE
  • Low Requirement for data bandwidth
  • Connect to EHR/EMR to show HIPAA compliant, “always-on” information
  • Easy and low-cost installation
  • No light pollution

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