LED & Solid State Lighting

DMX RDM to 0-10V Converter

The CNV-DMXR is a DMX RDM to 0-10V converter that enables one or more Inventronics Controls-Ready drivers to be controlled by a DMX system. The CNV-DMXR is compatible with LED drivers with dim-to-off capability, 12V/200mA auxiliary power supply and 0-10V dimming input. The CNV-DMXR is DMX RDM compatible. DMX RDM (Remote Device Management) permits intelligent bidirectional communication between devices from multiple manufacturers utilizing a modified DMX512 data link. This allows the DMX RDM compatible device to be addressed and configured remotely, using a compatible DMX RDM master. DMX RDM devices are inherently compatible with standard DMX networks.


  • Converts DMX Signal to 0-10V Dimming Signal
  • Complies with both DMX RDM and Traditional DMX Networks
  • Use Driver Dim-to-Off Capability to Eliminate AC Switch or Relay
  • Powered by 12Vdc with Simple 3-Wire Connection to Driver
  • Low Standby Power < 0.5W
  • At Power on the 0-10V Output Remains at 0V until DMX Signal is Received
  • In the Event of DMX Signal Loss, the 0-10V Output will not change
  • Waterproof (IP67) and UL Dry / Damp / Wet Location
  • Suitable for Built-in Use

CNV-DMXR Datasheet